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My Customers

Business customers

Are you looking for an experienced sparring partner to develop you or your team further? Or would you like to increase staff engagement, minimise employee absences, improve a process across the whole of the company, realise a complex workshop, obtain a tailored training?

Whether you require tailored seminars covering operational or strategic, as well as external topics, support in management development or the optimisation of HR processes through to outplacement – I would be delighted to offer you the appropriate format. Using specific measures we ensure that the initiated change also lastingly takes hold.

My clients include executives, managers, HR directors/managers as well as employees, entrepreneurs or freelancers.

Private customers

In addition to companies, private clients also make use of my consulting services: for developing an optimal career strategy, and for support in handling current professional and private challenges.

My approach is tailored to your needs. Trust and a safe space provide the ideal foundation for experimenting with new ideas and working out expedient courses of action for your goals.

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