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Systemic Coaching

My consulting work is based on a systemic, solution-oriented approach. 

What is systemic coaching?

Systemic coaching is a task-based, resource and solution-oriented consulting format for managers and leaders as well as teams and individuals. It aims to support the expansion of expertise, the possibilities for action and the promotion of the personal and professional development of people in their respective working or private environments, taking all the relevant system levels into consideration. The coach is responsible for appropriate questions, helpful summaries and other expedient methods, as well as for seeing the process through. He provides a suitable framework, so that the coached individuals can develop own solutions to their situation and current issues.


Systemic coaching has the following objectives:DSC 3059 200x300


  • Clarity in situations of radical change and conflict
  • Repositioning competence in professional and private contexts
  • Capacity to act in extremely complicated situations
  • Alternatives to “exhausted” behavioural patterns
  • Self-awareness and insights that open up perspectives

Systemic coaching means: 


  • Naming achievable goals
  • Searching for possible solutions
  • Clarifying what makes the difference to previous shortcomings in success
  • Developing helpful resources
  • Creating solution-oriented tasks
  • Planning milestones for task fulfilment and implementation


What possible areas of application and typical questions are there in systemic coaching?

  • Personality coaching
    • How can I get to more satisfaction in my life?
    • How can achieve more visibilitiy at work?
    • How can stand up for what is important to me?


  •  Career coaching?
    • What are my strengths, what are my goals?
    • In which direction can I change my occupational situation?
    • On which resources can I rely on to manage a change successfully?
    • How can I increase my chances of success for the intended job?
    • How can I improve my appearance vis-à-vis potential employers?  


  • Leadership coaching
    • How can contribute to the motivation of my staff?
    • How can I balance all my tasks together more efficiently?
    • How can I shape better my professional environment as a manager?
    • How can I delegate more effectively?


  • Job skills coaching
    • How can I say the right thing in a quick yet well-considered manner in meetings?
    • How can I deal productively with existing conflicts?
    • How can I manage efficiently my occupational challenges?


  • Private coaching
    • How can I successfully balance my career and family life?
    • How can I exert an influence on changes in my partnership?
    • What do I have to do to get my partner to my children?


What is systemic coaching limited to?

Coaching is not the right tool for every situation. It is defined clearly from consulting, training and therapy. Psychological conditions such as depression, burn-out at an advanced stage or dependency disorders should be treated by the right specialists.

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