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Training and Workshops

My services include one or several training sessions, workshops and team development courses for specialists and managers covering the topics “Leadership, Communication, Stress Management, Change- and Human Resources Management” or a specific topic that is a current priority for you - adapted to suit your needs.

Here, we will work with various methods that practically consider your cases and management situations. There is also space for mutually exchanging experiences.

Examples of topics for training sessions, workshops and team development:Training & Workshop

  • Leadership / Communication
    • Situational leadership / Leadership from the heart
    • Positive leadership
    • Coaching as a leadership tool of today
    • From colleague to superior
    • The first 100 days in the new management role
    • Non-violent communication
    • Respectful communication - Right Feedback & dialogue as a fundamental principle 
  • Change Management
    • The meaning of changesand strategic managementin organisations
    • Organisational development as a strategy in times of change
    • Change Managementas a tool for organisational development
  • Stress Management / Burn-out prevention
    • Fewer staff absences through prevention
    • Possibilities for action as a superior and colleague 
    • Leading healthily
    • Balancing career and family 
  • Human Resources Management
    • Using staff potential through adequate development of personnel
    • Staff loyalty - The positive effects of personnel development for retaining staff
    • The value of strategic HR for management

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